A provider of laundry and dry cleaning services through consistent pursuit of excellence.

We are a professional laundry and dry cleaning service, finishing service which caters to your dry cleaning and laundry needs.

Sastifying your every need
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Best Dry Cleaning Solutions For Any Garment

What we do

General Dry Cleaning

At Washline, we are well equipped to provide Dry Cleaning services for all items of clothing, whether everyday wears or special outfits such as wedding dresses or formal wear. .

Laundry Service

Does the weekly washing get you down? Is it the one chore you would do anything to avoid? Then simply drop off your laundry at Washline and we’ll wash, dry, iron and fold it beautifully.

Ironing Service

Pressed for time, or just hate ironing? Then you’ll love our convenient Ironing Service. With Washline you don’t have to worry about mountains of rumpled clothes piling up at home.

Executive Service

The service provided by our experienced branch teams will ensure we prolong the life of your clothing, giving a smooth and clean look every time.

/Amendment Service

If you’ve recently shaved a few inches from your waistline, dropped a few pounds, lost some buttons, or simply scored a great dress that just needs a bit of adjusting, our experts can help..

Bulk Service

We offer large-scale Eco-friendly dry cleaning, and wash and fold service ideal for household items and garments requiring Laundry. Get a discount on 25, 50 and 100 Laundrable items.

  • Nike Obi
    Good service guys, please keep it up.
    Nike Obi
  • Christine Roberts
    I love the quality of your pressing, your packaging is super, and my wardrobe really looks neat now!
    Christine Roberts
  • Chris Onwukwo
    I do not have any problems with your service so far, that’s why I keep coming back.
    Chris Onwukwo
  • Jimmy Agbaje
    Since I came in contact with Washline, my white suits have remained white, I am really impressed.
    Jimmy Agbaje