I know what you’re thinking, from the title, the answer is a big yes. There is a popular misconception that only rich people can afford to do dry Cleaning. Let me tell you a short story.

Janet is a single mother of two, who works two jobs to make ends meet. Dry Cleaning and laundry is a significant part of her weekly activities because everybody knows Children can be very messy. At first, she was against outsourcing her laundry because she thought she could not justify the cost. But ever since she started using our services, she realized she could not put a price on peace of mind. Her time freed up, and she was able to get a bit more rest and focus on other task.

From the story above, you might be surprised to find that Janet does not fit the stereotype of the kind of person you would ordinarily think uses a dry Cleaning and laundry service.  Nowadays almost everybody has a busy schedule that makes it very difficult to find time to get dry cleaning and laundry done.

Many people think paying for laundry services is reserved for the rich and wealthy.  This couldn’t be further away from the truth. We’ve found that most people who think dry Cleaning and  laundry is a luxury have never even tried it or have been exposed to overpriced laundry services. In essence, they don’t know there are affordable dry Cleaning and laundry services around like Washline. Here are a couple of advantages using Washline can afford you:

Pickup and delivery

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is make a trip to the dry cleaner or do several loads of laundry. Washline offers very affordable pickup and delivery service, unlike others. Washline offers very affordable laundry services which are scaled according to your budget. Washline can help you free up time you might have used to achieve a lot of things like spending time with family, relaxing, taking up a hobby and self-development opportunities.

At Washline, we provide a reliable, efficient and AFFORDABLE  dry Cleaning and laundry service for all items of Clothing, linen, and bedding tailored to your specific requirements. Our utmost focus is Customer Satisfaction, and with a flexible budget, you are sure to get a lot of value for money. You will realize that the amount you pay is worth the time, energy and peace of mind that comes with  us doing the cleaning.  You can just forget about laundry, leave that to us while you focus on doing what you like doing best.

Laundry is necessary, but it is also a time consuming task; that which turns out to be our forte at Washline. For more information, you can call us at 0809 577 7665 or visit us at and we will be right with you.

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