Your Baby’s first Laundry: The What Not’s

Your Baby’s first Laundry: The What Not’s

When a newborn arrives, your laundry inevitably increases! That’s children for you, our little bundles of joy. When you are talking about having children, almost nobody tells you the sheer amount of laundry you will do. Here we want to help you avoid those little pitfalls that make it that much stressful.

First, parents usually think they need to use specific baby detergents to wash their baby’s clothes; this could be true sometimes because most newborn skins are sensitive. If baby detergent is not getting rid of stains and bad odours as good as you need, then you should probably switch to regular liquid detergent. Bummer, right? The liquid detergent can rinse out easier than the normal powder detergent, in other words, it often turns out to be better for a baby’s sensitive skin.

Another reason why you should use liquid detergent and not powder detergent is that liquid detergents dissolve better in cold water, it is very difficult for powder detergent to dissolve in cold water, which leaves white clumps that can be quite harmful to the baby’s mild skin. But if you notice a skin reaction, kindly stick to the baby detergent for a while. Whatever detergent you choose to use, avoid anti-static products or fabric softeners, these two have chemicals and fragrances that can likely irritate the skin and this is the last thing you want happening to your baby’s skin.

Furthermore, do not use hot water for your baby’s laundry unless the label says so. Hot water is harsh on fabrics and might shrink the clothes. Hot water also makes it difficult for stains to come off. It is often advisable to use cold water when washing baby clothes, it can help in reducing the risk of bacterial growth in the fabric.

On a final note, baby clothes are not the same as the rest of the laundry, so they should be kept separate. Always place all clean baby clothes in a different wardrobe from yours.

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