About Us

Washline is a dry cleaning and laundry service company; having the skills and wealth of experience in keeping garments clean like new and taking proper care of your entire wardrobe.

We provide customers with an array of general and bespoke services. Either you are a corporate, government, an SME or an individual; we believe that your experience with us should be as positive as possible. Therefore, we focus on what your requirements are, and apply ourselves accordingly. Through adopting best practices, providing unparalleled customer support, we will clean your garments to look like new.

Washline employs leading resources in the fields in which we offer services. Our seamless integration of services enables us to provide comprehensive services in general dry cleaning & laundry, ironing, tailoring & amendment, and industrial cleaning. Among Washline’s customers are some of the leading private sector players, government functionaries and everyday individual desirous to stay clean like new.

Washline partners with relevant stakeholders for the development, training and improvement of our workforce. We support our customers with initiatives aimed at making our services more flexible and accessible to them.

Our Vision

To be the industry's leading dry cleaning & laundry service provider through consistent pursuit of excellence.

Our Mission

To provide the best of dry cleaning & laundry operations to customers with superior quality service.
To be located in every part of Nigeria and beyond.

Our Objectives

In providing dry cleaning and laundry services, garment alteration, and shoe repairs services for our esteemed customers, we at WASHLINE aim to:
• Always satisfy your every need
• Always surpass your expectations
• Value for money
• Excellent Customer Relations Service
• Quality oriented services
• Pick-up and delivery at your convenience