The Journey So Far

Our dear Company has been in the market for almost a decade now, having been actively launched in the second quarter of 2010. During these periods, Washline’s market presence has improved measurably by all important indices.

In addition to market presence, we have also clarified our business scope and strategy to ourselves. This sharper business focus is now the basis for the information you will find in this edition of our corporate profile. You will find for instance that we have more clearly wrapped the entire business model around our strong suites and innovative service initiatives, such that each service line or business unit is indeed capable of running itself real time and also productively.

In the same vein, we have sharpened our offerings under each service and streamlined them such that we have just a few unique offerings that are positioned to successfully satisfy our customers in an immeasurable manner.

Our talent pool continues to grow as workforce from diversified sources continues to join us in pursuing our passion. Given, we have grown to over 60 staff, up from the 12 staff we started with just over 8 years ago. Our clientele base has equally grown tremendously. We are however building alliances with other reputable organizations to complement our skills as various opportunities may require from time to time.

It is our utmost believes that the market environment will always present itself with opportunities that are quite enabling, as we will continually strive to service our customers excellently well and provide the best quality service ever to them thus meeting their various needs and expectations.